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Advanced Yoyos

Looking for the finest in advanced yoyo technology? We love the below selection and are confident that you will too!

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The BigYo is a very large over-sized yo-yo and one the largest playable professional yoyos made toda..
Coral Snake
Without a doubt our finest Henrys yo-yo. A fast, powerful looping yo-yo with anodized and engraved p..
Dark Magic 2 Intermediate Gift Set
This exclusive best-selling gift pack comes in a quality 100% organic cotton Yoyoshop drawstring bag..
The Dash from Yomega is an all-metal yo with a classic profile that feels very comfortable in the ha..
Duncan Advanced String Trick Gift Set
Gift pack comes in an exclusive 100% organic cotton Yoyoshop drawstring bag and includes: ..
Fireball - Semi Solid
The Yomega Fireball is the yo-yo that started a revolution in play with its transaxle system. A spec..
A high-performance plastic yo-yo unlike anything you’ve seen or played with before! The two-pi..
Grind Machine
Next generation yo-yo performance. The Grind Machine is the first non-metal yo-yo to feature YoYoFac..
Developed by Duncan Crew Japan, the Hayabusa sets a new standard for the perfect offstring yoyo. Com..
Since the Metallic Missile was retired, Yomega worked hard developing a replacement. Designed to pro..
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Unleash your version of yoyo chaos with the one and only MayheM! A product of years of Duncan yoyo e..
Please note - this product is reduced due to damaged packaging (small tear on cardboard outer). D..
The solid feel and momentum of a professional metal yo-yo at less than half the cost! The Odyssey bo..
Ooch Yo
This Ooch-Yo is different the original Smoov and Groov Ooch Yo's manufactured by Rhody-o, being ..
The PHENOM is truly built to bring you the best possible yo-yo. This yo-yo has been tried and tested..
In collaboration with 2008 World YoYo Champion John Ando, YoYoFactory set out to reach a pinnacle in..
The ultimate Henrys yoyo for today’s advanced player, it allows a dramatically dynamic style o..
Bearing system yo-yos mean speed! The Yomega Raider is an excellent yo-yo in the advanced player'..
YoYoJam's Transcend yo yo is the signature series yo-yo of Tessa Piccillo, the winner of the 201..
World Champion and trick innovator Johnnie DelValle (JD), Owner of YoYoBESTBUY has been with YoYoJam..
The Viper by Henrys. Thanks to its butterfly shape it is ideal for string tricks and loops. The AXYS..
Viper Flux
The Viper Flux from Henrys offers the features of the Viper Neo combined with integrated hubstacks t..
Yomega Beginner-to-Pro Gift Set
This Yomega 3 Piece Gift Set is sure to please any player. Includes Yomega's famous Brain, Fi..
Yomega Deluxe Gift Set
The Yomega Deluxe Gift Pack has been designed with the skilled YoYo player in mind (you need to be i..
YoYoJam Advanced Gift Set
This exclusive gift pack comes in a quality 100% organic cotton Yoyoshop drawstring bag and includes..
Yoyoshop Gift Bag (create your own!)
Create your own unique gift bag by purchasing this re-useable 100% fair trade cotton Yoyoshop bag wi..
The UnLeashed is the next generation looping yo-yo from YoYoJam and National Champion Joseph Harris ..
Based on 1 reviews.
SpinFaKtor X
2010 marked the 10th anniversary of the revolutionary YoYoJam SpinFaKtor design - the first yo-yo to..
Dark Magic II
Based on 3 reviews.
Cerberus is an all new design from YoYoJam maximizing on size, stability, and spin. Yoshi Mikamoto i..
Team YoYoJam's Vooper (Bálint Farkas) is the all time National Champion of Hungary with F..
The ReXtreme is here and ready to change offstring yo-yo play forever!  Taking inspiration from..
Micro Mo
The Micro Mo is the smallest high-performance yo-yo to come from YoYoJam. Designed with guidance fro..
Counterweight (5A) World Champion Takeshi Matsuura is one of the most talented players ever to meet ..
The Revolution™ features YoYoJam's 'Solid Spin' high grade aluminum axle system. M..
Hiroyuki Suzuki Signature Series Hiroyuki Suzuki is the most accomplished freestyle player in the..
The Trinity From YoyoJam is the third signature series yoyo designed for Andre Boulay... in fact, th..
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