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The popular Bumble Bee is a ball-bearing yoyo with interchangeable graphic sidecaps. Rim-weighted fo..
On sale since 1954, the Duncan Butterfly's wide string gap has made it easier for thousands of b..
The DragonFly is a flared shape ball-bearing yo-yo, rim-weighted for long spin times. With a special..
Duncan Advanced String Trick Gift Set
Gift pack comes in an exclusive 100% organic cotton Yoyoshop drawstring bag and includes: ..
$171.90 $125.07
Duncan Assorted Strings
5 assorted colour yoyo strings from Duncan. Suitable for any yoyo! ..
Duncan Ball Bearing Yoyo Parts Kit
Spare parts for all Duncan 'HardCore' yoyos. Includes: 1 ball-bearing 5 sets of color c..
$7.80 $6.24
Duncan Beginner Gift Set
The perfect gift for someone starting out with yoyo. This gift pack comes in an exclusive 10..
$32.77 $29.69
Duncan Brake Pads 8 Pack
Replacement Brake Pads for Duncan® ProFire™, Bumble Bee®, and DragonFly® yo-yos. B..
$6.24 $3.11
Duncan Looping Stickers - 12mm Diameter
Looping Stickers can be used with any Duncan yoyo that uses friction stickers. Looping Stickers are ..
$6.24 $3.11
Duncan New Level DVD
New DVD filmed by Takeshi produced by Duncan yoyos A New Level Fury Cake, Tube Disaster, Grip Sta..
Duncan Silicone Stickers 8 Pack
Most Duncan® yoyos come with some form of 'sticker' response. These Duncan Silicone Stic..
$6.24 $3.11
Duncan YoYo Glove
For use on your catching hand, this slick glove cuts down on friction for high-speed string tricks! ..
Developed by Duncan Crew Japan, the Hayabusa sets a new standard for the perfect offstring yoyo. Com..
$31.26 $18.75
The world's best selling yoyo from Duncan! The Imperial was first introduced in 1954 and is base..
Unleash your version of yoyo chaos with the one and only MayheM! A product of years of Duncan yoyo e..
$140.71 $109.44
Designed by some of the world's top players, the Duncan MomentuM provides answers to unspoken dr..
$156.34 $109.44
The Mosquito is a lightweight beginners yoyo with a high speed ball-bearing axle. The butterfly shap..
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The ProFly yoyo by Duncan is a good beginner's yoyo, with modified flared shape and rim-weighted..
$9.37 $7.80
The perfect addition to the classic Duncan beginner's line, the modified shape, rim-weighted, ta..
Not only the best light-up yo-yo on the market, but the Pulse is also a high-quality, perfectly bala..
The Duncan Reflex features special "Auto-Return" technology to bring the yoyo back to your..
Speed Beetle
The Speed Beetle is the next evolution of the Duncan looping yo-yo. Using a high-speed ball-bearing ..
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