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We are excited to annouce that we have taken over supply of Kemari footbags (hacky sacks) and T-shirts in the UK. They bring a superb selection of sand and bead-filled footbags, along with some awesome hacky-sack themed T-shirts. Check them all out below!

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8 Ball Footbag
Cool 8-Ball design embroidered on this black bead filled footbag. ..
Smooth green crocheted footbag, with an embroidered AK-47 design. Have a game with this hand made, b..
$4.68 $1.55
All Star Footbag
Quality blue Guatemalan footbag (aka hacky sack) with funky white stars. ..
Anarchy Hack
Arrrrrrrrrr. Get hold of an Anarchy hack and go wild. Red crocheted anarchy symbol on black backgrou..
$4.68 $2.35
Biohazard Hack
Cool black footbag with bright red embroidered biohazard design. Hand made and bead filled. ..
$4.68 $2.35
Great Brazilian flag embroidered design. Bead filled hack direct from Guatemala. ..
$4.68 $2.35
Blend into your surroundings with this camouflage footbag - just don't lose it in the bushes! ..
Carry On Camping
For all you avid campers out there, this tent design embroidered on a brown and white bead fill..
$4.68 $2.35
Celtic Hacky Sack
Cool knotted Celtic design on a black hack. ..
Bead filled footbag with embroidered fish design in orange. ..
$4.68 $2.35
Crotcheted Football Hack
Bead filled, hand made Guatemalan footbag crocheted in a classic football style. ..
A lethal dagger and dramatic colours combine to create an eye-catching red and black footbag. ..
$4.68 $2.35
Circular DB1 yellow, light blue and brown design printed on a lightweight heather grey Tee..
$31.29 $7.81
Eco Warrior
Save the planet with this cool bead filled hack. ..
Electric Guitar
Funky bead filled hack with electric guitar detail. Comes in blue, red or purple. ..
Support the new look England with this cool hack. Bead filled and embroidered with an England flag i..
Evil Eye
Sinister red-eyed skull footbag. Made in Guatemala from 100% cotton and bead filled for excellent ha..
Watch the evolution of man illustrated in black on this 6-panel sand filled footbag. Comes in a vari..
$6.25 $2.35
Fish Bone
Funky fish bone footbag. What more can we say? Comes in various colours and background patterns, the..
Flaming Hair
Our newest crazy Flaming Hair footbag with trailing flames. Bead filled and hand crocheted in Guatem..
$4.68 $2.35
This flexible, stylish, sand-filled footbag has 14 panels and is perfect for all the best tricks! ..
Oooh frightening! Scary white ghost design on hand made black crocheted footbag. ..
GN1 hand designed dark grey footbagging image with red Japanese 'Kemari' character flas..
$31.29 $7.81
Japanese 'Kemari' character printed in aqua on a lightweight royal blue Tee.&..
$31.29 $7.81
Grateful Dead Skull
Listen to some classic rock and get playing with this timeless design! Red, white and blue embroider..
NEW! Striking grenade design with black thread embroidered on bright red footbag. Filled with plasti..
Elegant embroidered griffin on a crocheted orange and yellow footbag. Stand out from the crowd with ..
This will mend any broken heart! Hand embroidered and bead filled for your hacking pleasure. ..
Hot Lips
Give someone a big kiss with this bright pink embroidered hot lips hack! Bead filled and hand made. ..
Hot Sun
Hot Hot Hot. This footbag is bead filled and will not disappoint. The vibrant colours make this a mu..
The superb Kemari 'Jump' logo printed in white and grass green on a lightweight si..
$31.29 $7.81
Kemari Black 10
Our classic Kemari logo printed in white on a lightweight black Tee. Fair trade manufactured in..
$31.29 $7.81
Kemari Navy Blue 10
Our classic Kemari logo printed in white on a lightweight navy blue Tee. Fair trade manufacture..
$31.29 $7.81
Kemari Orange 10
Our classic Kemari logo printed in white on a lightweight bright orange Tee. Fair trade manufac..
$31.29 $7.81
Always have a mini footbag with you with this handy keyring! Colourful and bead filled, with geometr..
Black and red crocheted footbag with a cool gold embroidered knuckleduster. Because it is handmade a..
Limited Edition Cord Jester
Limited edition 12-panel corduroy sand-filled Jester Cord footbags! ..
Lucky Clover
Is this your lucky footbag? Quality embroidered bead filled hack with classic lucky 4 leaf clover de..
Lucky Dice
Throw a double six with these bad boys. Bead filled hack in stylish black and white or black and blu..
On Yer Bike
Funky green bicycle hack. Embroidered logo on green and white crocheted footbag, why drive a ca..
Classic skull and crossbones embroidered bead filled hack. ..
Rasta Africa
Can you resist this funky Rasta footbag? Comes with cool Africa design ..
Rasta Lion
An amazing specimin. Rasta lion in traditional rasta colours. ..
Rasta One Love
Funky rasta one love footbag. Comes in black with traditional rasta colours. ..
Rasta Peace
Chill out with this hand made crocheted footbag in black, red, yellow and green. Make love not war, ..
Rasta Skull
Traditional rastafarian colours in a distinctive embroidered design. This crocheted footbag really s..
Red Flame
Another camping style footbag, this one with a maroon and white embroidered design. Take yourself ba..
Red Sunset
The Red Sunset footbag is awesome, get yours today, hand crocheted and bead filled. Cool and simple ..
Skeleton Dance
Black crocheted footbag with cool dancing skeleton design. Bead filled for the perfect hacking exper..
Sleaze Bag
The original playboy's footbag - 8-panel and sand filled, great for tricks and stalls. Comes in ..
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