13 of the Best Professional YoYo Videos

Check out some of these pros showing off their best moves, then check out our advanced yoyos to see if you can match their trick!

John Ando

Josh Ando won the US national yoyo championships for four consecutive years between 2004 and 2007.  He uses the signature Prostar yo yo by Yoyo Factory.

He is based in Japan, and was previously sponsored by Yomega before moving to YoYoFactory. He is a master of string tricks, using parts of the body other than the hands. Take a look below and some of his amazing tricks.

Andrew Bergen

Kojo Boison

Christopher Chia

John Chow

Augie Fash

Mateusz Ganc

Victor Gravitsky

A Protege Video, Joe and Mark

Paul Kerbel

Marcus Koh

Harold Owens III

Alexander Pelevin


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