World Yoyo Championships 2012 Videos

It's the biggest competition of the year as competitors from all over the world come together. It's always an inspiration to see what new tricks and styles the players bring to the table, and this year is no exception.

You'll see lots of YoyoJam yoyos out there, so have a look at our Trick Guides and start your journey to the World Championships!

1A Final Champion - Hiroyuki Suzuki

It's Hiroyuki 'Mickey' Suzuki. He's got bags of confidence and a distinctive fashion sense. After a string of second place finishes, Mickey grabs his first title since 2006 with a routine full of his signature style. Have a look at his Phenom, Phenomizm and Chaser yoyos!

2A Final Champion - Shu Takada

Not a new name to the 2A scene, but a new name for the 1st place award. Shu pulls of a fantastic performance, letting his individual style show through and bringing some new tricks along to help his routine. He's an all out performer - keep an eye out for the half time dance break!

3A Final Champion - Hank Freeman

Hank continues to prove he is the current King of 3A. Ever cool, calm and collected, he throws his way into his second World title in two years. Superb stuff from a master in his field!

4A Final Champion - Rei Iwakura

A real recognisable face in the 4A category, Rei has his own winning formula, includig all the charisma you need to succeed in 4A! We've got his signature 4A yoyo ReXtreme in store!

5A Final Champion - Takeshi Matsuura

Takeshi continues to amaze at the top of his category. He seems to bring such a performance to 5A every year, it'll be a real challenge for his competitors to beat him. He's forcing everyone to up their game! Have a look at his yoyo the Destiny....


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