Yoyo Care

Maintaining your Yoyo

Properly maintaining your favourite yoyo is very important, they will last longer and play better with proper care. As a guide to help you do this, we have put together a list of top yoyoshop tips for a healthy yoyo: 

Changing your Yoyo String

Removing a string from your yoyo is quite simple: just grab hold of the string about 2cm above the yoyo and twist the yoyo anti-clockwise until the yoyo string opens up. When you have untwisted enough string it will be easy to pull it over the top of the yoyo. You do not need to undo a yoyo to change a string. To put on a new string just do the opposite. Untwist the base of the string until you have created a large enough loop and then place it round the yoyo. When the yoyo is in place, make sure you wind the string back up until it reaches the axle.

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Adjusting String Height

Yoyo Axles Explained

Wooden Axles

The wooden axles found on some basic yoyos are specifically designed to give you some of the feel of an advanced ball bearing yoyo, but with the added response you need when first attempting tricks. The key to a top performing wooden axle is its smoothness, when you first get your yoyo you may need to throw 5-10 spinners to get it running smoothly. Wooden axles are not as strong as their metal counterparts, be careful not to hit the floor too often or your axle can snap in half. Unfortunately if your wooden axle breaks it is best to replace the whole yoyo.

Metal axles

Metal axles are also engineered to give you the feel of an advanced ball bearing yoyo, these are perfect for string tricks and give good sleeper times whilst offering you a controlled response. Like all spinning axles, the spin of a metal axle can be affected by dirt and dust, it sometimes helps to blow on the axle to remove anything that is stopping it from running smoothly. You can also adjust the responsiveness by using some approved yoyo lubricant.

Auto return axles

The auto return axles found on yoyos such as the PowerYo FX3 and Yo2 Triple Action models are new intelligent clutch-based return systems that allow you to get amazing spin speeds and spinner times. The clever thing about the auto return axle system is that whilst it will automatically return to your hand when it slows down at the end of a spinner, unlike most clutch yoyos you can also make it return under your own control at any time during the spin. The auto return axle is very hard to reassemble if you take it apart, so if you wish to clean it, simply blow any dirt or dust off the axle.

Ball bearing axles

The ball bearing axles found on yoyos such as most of the YoyoJam range are highly engineered, high speed axles that will enable you to get the best long spin times and incredible tricks out of your yoyo. Because these axles contain moving parts you should never get them wet or there is a possibility that rust may form inside the bearing case and stop the yoyo from performing. All ball bearings sold at yoyoshop come lightly oiled to help protect them from moisture, however over time, and if you clean your ball bearing you may remove this protection, so it's always a good idea to use yoyo lubrication oil regularly to keep the bearing protected.

Lubricating your Yoyo

Lubrication oil is perfect for smoothing and adding responsiveness to all metal yoyo axles. You should add a small drop of oil onto each side of the axle as and when required. On all ball bearing axles lubrication oil should be used regularly to keep them running smoothly and prevent moisture getting into the bearing.

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